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Your System Grows as your Practice Grows

  • ASP Ready: Robust, scalable & secure in a hosting environment (Medtech medical billing software is a stand-alone application but great for multiple locations!).
  • Solid Database Engine in a Modern Medical Billing Software: Medtech features the latest robust database engine, Crystal Reports, Microsoft's Visual Basic programming – Medtech medical practice management software will not crash nor garble your valuable data.
  • Easy to Learn or Switch to: Intuitive data-entry screens. Easily import information from other medical billing software systems. Great import/export features.
  • Modern Medical Billing Software: Attractive graphical user interface, designed for the latest operating systems, wide LCD screens, large & normal fonts...etc.
  • Full Cycle Accounting System: Data-entry, electronic billing, advanced EOB posting.
  • Amazing Reports: Over a hundred management reports, graphs and hundreds of sub-reports.
  • Document Scanning: Scan documents, images, pictures into patient charts.
  • EMR Integration: Medtech medical billing software links seamlessly with leading EMR systems such as Soapware through its own 2-way interface.
  • Appointment Scheduler: Sophisticated and dynamic.
  • Customizable Letters: Collection, appeal letters...etc.
  • Electronic Superbills: Design superbills in minutes.
  • Many Advanced Technologies: From patient record keeping to scheduling to managing the lifeblood of your practice (your insurance claims and accounts receivables), Medtech practice management and medical billing software innovates the critical functions your office needs to perform on a day-by-day basis to keep your practice running smoothly - and to protect your income.
  • Affordable Practice Management Software System: Yet packs an amazing array of features, flexibility and the latest technological advancements.