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May we help you with your billing?

What we normally find is that staff members, while certainly capable, are being pulled in too many directions. This sometimes results in your income not being what it should be. Insurance companies are paying less and less. Finding the “time” to fight with insurance companies concerning payments is tough to find. Staff members sometimes “write-off” charges that might have been able to be resolved with more effort.

We are able to spend more time on your account, because that’s all our billers do. We also meet with you quarterly to review the status of your account. In addition, we make recommendations to you concerning how much you are charging for certain services. Based on our experience with other offices similar to yours, we are able to determine how much insurance companies are paying on certain CPT codes.

Our fees are very simple. We charge a percentage of the money “collected”, not charged. The more we make for you, the more we make for ourselves. Our price includes everything - Putting in Charges, Payments, Working your Accounts Receivables, HFCA Forms, Envelopes, Patient Statements, and reports…

We also provide our own Billing Inquiry Phone Number to resolve any questions your patients have regarding bills they receive. This is being done to reduce the interruptions your staff receives during an already hectic day.

We also install our Billing Software on your computers free of charge. This is done primarily to allow your staff to use our Scheduler. The only item we need from you to make this happen is for you to have internet access with at least DSL speeds. This results in you or your staff being able to review the most current information available for patients when they come in the office. We normally receive a packet of information from you 2-3 times per week. This packet includes Charges, Copies of Checks received and the EOBs. We do not want to receive the actual checks, only copies of them.

I think that after you review what we can offer to you, you may find that it’s in your best interest for an outside firm to do your billing. Please let us know if this is something you would like to pursue. We can schedule a meeting with you to discuss this further if you would like.